Carole Kehrwand works by following her intuition. She always has a sketchbook with her, in which she draws, writes and records ideas. From this she then decides what will be a canvas or a sculpture. During the creation process she again gives free rein to her instincts. Her works are the result of a mixture of exact planning and intuition.

 The choice of material for her works is very important to her. She likes to use stable and if possible ecological materials and is inspired by the techniques of old masters. Another speciality of her works is that all her works are decorated with gold leaf.

Also important to her is the use of symbols in her works. These are all positive and should bring love, health, harmony and abundance into the houses, homes, galleries, etc.

When she is allowed to exhibit in a place, she likes to fill them, so that a small world emerges, her small world. She also likes to form something on the spot, which is transitory and is only meant for this exact place. In this way each exhibition is unique.

In the end, her goal is to let her soul speak and to touch other souls. The result is a journey into an imaginary world encoded with surreal figures from elsewhere.